Sunday, January 25, 2009

Silly at Sundance

My friend Ty had a movie showing at the Sundance Film Festival so my friends Danielle, Kristin and I thought that was just the perfect excuse we needed to get out of Provo and head up to experience all the festivities that Sundance has to offer.  I thought this picture was funny because we were trying to act like we were famous! It kind of worked though because someone asked us if we were on The Hills!  We are now answering to the names of Audrina and Whitney just in case anyone is wondering! 

We ate at this really yummy restaurant right on Main Street.  Nachos are always good no matter what time of night it is! 
This is my friend Ty!  His party was so fun and it was fun to see part of his documentary.  It was awesome!  Did I mention Tapango was there....remember her from Boy Meets World?  That was a freaky trip back in time!  

It was also fun to walk Main Street because there was such a fun energy in the air! I love watching people and meeting new people and I had such a good time with my girlies!  I love Utah! Seriously sometimes I have to pinch myself because it is just the most amazing place ever!