Sunday, March 8, 2009

Baby Kate

My BF of like forever had another take your breath away gorgeous baby!  I almost can't believe how precious she is.  She has such a sweet little spirit and calmness about her.  I think she gets it from her mama! 

I love Melissa so much!  She has been one of those people in my life that has been there for me through everything! I don't think I would have been able to get through some hard times if it wasn't for her and Tom.  I am forever grateful to God to have them in my life.  She is an angel!
Honestly I don't think there is anything sweeter in this world then seeing a dad holding his baby girl.  I'm getting teary! I need to move on to the next picture!
Can I borrow her like maybe once or twice a week?

Maui Round 2

Last March my brother David and I headed to Maui to get out of the cold.  Well, we had so much fun we decided to go again!  This could be one tradition that just might stick.  We just need to get the rest of the family to come!

I don't know why the pineapple is SO dang good in Maui.  I never eat it when I'm home but I couldn't get enough of the stuff.  I think David and I together probably ate 5o pineapple by the end of the trip!  

Every night the sunsets were amazing.  They were all so different but this one was my favorite!

This is us eating at Hula.  We ate there last time we came to Maui and loved it so much we decided to go again...twice! 

This is us walking on beach trail
Hanging out with the fish and flamingos at the hotel.  David kicked my butt at speed but he was no match for me at UNO!
I could do this all day for the rest of my life! 
The crab was amazing! I could only afford it for one night but it was worth it!  This trip was just what I needed to keep me going until all that white cold stuff melts away...hopefully it's sooner than later.