Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas with the family

It's so fun to celebrate Christmas with kids.  They bring out the excitement and the anticipation of the holiday that gets lost the older you get.  It was so fun seeing Shelby and Dalton open their gifts that santa had brought them.  I loved every minute of it!

I can't believe how old Dalton is getting! Look at him all tough in his beany, listening to music on his new IPod as he plays a video game!  
We were all so sick of turkey, chicken and ham so we decided to have a christmas mexican feast!  It was so good I think it might become our new family tradition!

I love my family sooo much! This holiday season I am so grateful to have them in my life.  We had such a good time eating, watching movies and playing games that we didn't even mind getting snowed in! 

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Kim's Birthday

There have been SO many birthdays lately and I LOVE it because it gives everyone the best excuse to go eat yummy food and have tons of fun together!  My friend Kim is just the sweetest girl ever!  I am really lucky to have found such a great group of girlies!  So, Happy Birthday Kim! We love you!
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Baby Shower!

My cute friend Kristen Overton is having a baby girl!  If this little girl is anything like her mama she is going to be the most stylish baby ever!  Her shower was gorgeous and the food was gourmet and the presents were adorable!  The best part was getting to catch up with Kristen and also my cute friend Tiffany Moody who I haven't seen in forever!  So, as of today Kristen is due in like a week!  I can't wait to see this little girl!!!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

My July Gems!

I LOVE the girls in my family.  I love the boys too but let's be honest, in my family the girls run the show!  Sorry fellas! :)  We have a lot of July birthdays in our family so we decided to have a little July birthday get together. (Any excuse for cake!)  I'm the only Capricorn in the family and all these Cancers really do spice things up!  I love how there is never a dull moment with them.  They truly bring such life, energy and laughter into my life.  It was so fun to get together and celebrate there birthdays! 
These two crazy kids can't seem to get enough of each other.
Dido for this pair!
My brother stopped by to join in the fun!  He is one of my best friends and he always makes me laugh!
Capturing this moment of Shelby brought back so many memories of when I was little and would visit grandma's house.  My grandma lived all over the world and collected the most amazing treasures!  I actually remember playing with the same things, and like Shelby, getting in trouble!  I still remember the phrase used over and over again, "Don't touch that! That's not a toy!"  Comforting to know things haven't changed much! :)

Monday, June 2, 2008

Jungle Fever

I wish I had a before picture of what this room use to look like.  It was Shelby's room and it was any little girls dream room, heck I wanted it as my room!  The walls were pink and it was filled with anything and everything pink with an eclectic, shabby chic twist.  Even though I do miss the pink paradise I love how she transformed the space into this jiving jungle theme.  We got most of the stuff at pottery barn and west elm.  They have the cutest stuff online and the prices are great.  I especially love the chandelier from west elm.  I think I might have to copy her and get one for mi casa! 

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Garrett Otto Hoopes has arrived!

My sis had her baby May 24th.  We went to the hospital to visit her and the second I saw little Garrett I just fell in love with him!

I think he has more hair then I do!  
They are just the cutest little family.  I love them so much!
I honestly haven't seen my mom this happy since....Shelby was born.  Gotta love the Grandma's!

Friday, March 7, 2008


Has anyone heard of a little thing called seasonal depression???? Because I literally think I have it during the winter! :) Normally my family goes on a trip every winter but this year we didn't so I decided to take my little brother to Maui.  We had soooo much fun doing NOTHING!  My bum was pretty much glued to the beach the whole week.  We read, ate, swam, ate, ate, read and ate some more! The weather was perfect and it was so pretty. It was so much fun to get away and get some sun and hopefully it was enough to get me through the rest of winter!!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Vegas with Fam

I didn't have work last weekend so my mom invited my brother and I to come down to Vegas for my late birthday get together.  Well, anyone who knows me knows I am obsessed with the food network so I wanted to go to Bobby Flay's new restaurant.  It's called MESA GRILL and it was really good and really SPICY!!!!  Then we went and saw a new show called LOVE at The Mirage.  It is my new favorite show.  The entire production was based around all these old Beatles songs.  It was so fun!!!