Sunday, February 8, 2009

Tagged: 25 Random Things About Me!

Heather tagged me and since I have never actually done a tag I thought it would be fun!  So here is a lot of random things that maybe a lot of you don't know about me!

1.  I love going to the grocery store.  I don't know why I love it so much but it's so fun to go down all the aisles and look at all the random stuff and find new products.  Don't even get me started on Costco! I could waste an entire day going through that store!

2.  My favorite season is fall.  The smell of the crisp fall air, the weather, the changing leafs and the football games make me so grateful to live in Utah.

3.  I love getting "deals" on everything.  However, when I get my deal I end up buying at least two to three times as much because I got such a great deal.

4.  I have been a Vegetarian for about a month.  I don't know why...I'm just random like that.

5.  Sunsets are one of my favorite things in the world.  They are like candy for the eyeballs.  I try to see the sunset every night because each one is different and if I miss it I know I will never see one like it.

6.  My grandma's laugh is the best sound I have ever heard.  I wish I could bottle it up and have it with me whenever I need to laugh or be cheered up.  Just thinking about it makes me smile.

7.  I am a health nut/sugar addict.  I think the two extremes put me somewhere in the middle range of a normal person.

8.  I would love to live abroad for a couple years.

9.  I love being in love.

10.  When I see someone cry I automatically get teary.  It doesn't matter if it's a commercial or my best just happens.

11.  I am a cat women!  Sammy, Oreo, Blackbeard, Puff, and Sushi have been kitty's I've had throughout my life.

12.  I love rollerblading.  I will rollerblade till I can't rollarblade no more!

13.  I have over ten journals.  I love reading them and remembering events in my life.

14.  I have a night light in almost ever socket in my house because I'm so scared of the dark.

15.  My favorite thing to bake is cookies.  I love making up new recipes and eating them!

16.  If I could do anything I would lay in a hammock on the beach and just watch the ocean.

17.  I love to travel and want to see everything!  I really have to go to Italy, Thailand, Prague, Germany, Switzerland, Egypt and about a million other places but for sure Italy.

18.  My best friend is my brother David.  

19.  I want to be a mama someday!

20.  Even after having a broken heart I still believe in a Happily Ever After...

21.  I love going out to eat and finding new restaraunts.  I think I would love that as a job.  

22.  My favorite holiday is the Fourth of July.  This is's warm, there is always yummy food and BBQ's, games,  and fireworks.  I LOVE fireworks!  Even if all the other stuff was gone and there was just fireworks it would still be my favorite holiday.

23.  I think I am the only person left on the planet who still buys CD's and still doesn't know how to use an I Pod.  

24.  I love people watching.  I could be anywhere and if I can watch people I am happy.  People fascinate sounds creepy but it's way better then any TV show!

25.  I love my niece Shelby and my nephews Dalton and Garrett more than anything in this world.