Wednesday, June 30, 2010

If you don't like crazy deals on awesome stuff look away now!!!

If you are needing or heck just wanting some cute, new, fresh furniture for a seriously AMAZING deal then check out the furniture I have for sale!!! Call or Email me if you are interested or have questions about anything!!

Pottery Barn corner office $475
Computer is for sale too!
Pottery Barn Armoire $500
2 Antiqued Mirrored Dressers $600 each
2 Grey Leather Chairs $500 each
Round Kitchen Table $500
Chairs (8) $60 each
Black Hutch $ 400
Pottery Barn Red Buffet $500
Pottery Barn Sectional
2 Red Leather Recliners with brown trim $550 each


Melanie and Billy Hunter said...

Hey Kristen
How much are you selling your couch for and how big is it?

This is Melanie, Heather sister

Kristen said...

Hey Melanie! How are you? Are you still living in California? It's the Pottery Barn Pearce 3 piece sectional with wedge and upgraded down cushions but i'm not sure of the exact measurements! I bought it a year ago for 3,200 and I'm selling it for like 1,700!

traci said...

I love it and want it all. Justin and I just bought a house and we are looking for a sectional. What way is the long end facing? We need the long end to be on the left. I think... So how are you? miss you. Let's get together soon.

Craig and Jessica Smith said...

K I know you posted this awhile ago, but is the desk still for sale? I am seriously interested! Just let me know! Thanks

Dana said...

Hi, crazy but are the red leather recliners still for sale? Jeff

Stacey Bowcott said...

Red leather chair still available?