Sunday, February 13, 2011

will u be my valentine?!?!

Remember when you were younger how exciting it was to decorate your own Valentines box and how even more exciting it was to read all the cute messages your fellow classmates left inside?! I use to stuff my crush's Valentine card with so many heart candies and of course I had to make sure that each heart candy was carefully selected to read my secret feelings of true love! Well, I'm all grown up now but this twist on an old school idea brought out the kid in me again!!!

I just got a box and filled it with all different kinds of kids Valentines cards. In each card I wrote all kinds of lovey dovey things from favorite memories, inside jokes to what I love most about the person! I also filled it with all different kinds of kids toys, picture frames and kids tattoos! And don't forget the Valentines candies because we all know Valentines is not Valentines without chocolates and candies!

On the outside I just decorated the top with favorite pictures, favorite quotes, and of course I had to throw in some kids puffy stickers to give it that old school feeling...
This was so easy to make and who wouldn't want a box full of sugar and love notes? I had so much fun making this! I totally felt like a kid again! Now let's just hope this works and that my crush will say yes to being my Valentine this year! :)


Aimee said...

Oh my gosh this is adorable!! You could sell these!! OK....where have you been???? I have left a gazillion messages on your blog and haven't heard from you. Things look good, right? Call me or email me! Hugs, Aimee

Mike and Jenna said...

Hey!!! I found your blog off of Whitney's... sorry, total stalker!

Anyway, THIS IS SUCH a CUTE IDEA! Love it and Love you!

duran said...

I love you :) It was the best Valentine's present ever.