Friday, March 4, 2011

C's Bridal Shower!

My BFF is getting married!!! I am SO excited for her! (Except for the fact that she is moving to Georgia!) Boo! :( So, if you see an ad out for Single White Female (me) looking for someone to watch Gossip Girl with while eating cookies don't be alarmed...
The shower was awesome! We had sugar cookies, cute decor and crazy fun girls...aka..the trinity to a perfect party!
We might have had tooo much fun with the decorations!

Love you C! We are going to miss you but this just gives us an excuse to go to Georgia to visit you and Paula Dean!


Mike and Jenna said...

Haha, "Visit you and Paula Dean!" Love it!

It was a totally FUN shower!

Ingle's said...

Awe...I just teared up! What am I going to do without you girls?? Thanks for throwing me the best shower ever!! I love you all so much!! (And I'm holding you all to at least one visit!) Xoxo

Aimee said...

Hey girl!! Love the post, you look absolutely amazing by the way!!! Georgia will be fun! One of my girlfriends in Montana is from Georgia and she is a kick in the pants. Just updated my blog, check it out when you get a second and email me and let me know what you have been up to! Hugs always, Aimee